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Manage thousands of printers with PFM



PFM Cloud is one of the newest fleet management solutions in the market and has most a modern and intuitive interface.

PFM project was started in 2007 and the initial interface was a desktop version written in Delphi language. This version called PFM System is still active in many organizations that do not accept cloud solutions.

Starting from this version, our expertise was on larger printer fleet on a single network. Some of the PFM System customers have up to 7000 devices and PFM System manages those devices with a single engine, which is a major benefit.

PFM cloud intention was to move these features into a new modern interface with higher abilities. PFM Cloud is hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and the resilience is structured in Frankfurt to support Europe area and Oregon support USA and South America region.

Some of the features of PFM Cloud listed Below:

  • Device Counter Collection
  • Monitoring Consumables (Toner, Fusing, Waste Kit, Drum)
  • Tracking Consumable Changes
  • Track Device Location
  • Toner Ordering (QR Code Scan with Android)
  • Service Request (QR Code Scan with Android)
  • Easy to install Data Collection Agent
  • Fastest data collection agent in the market
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface
  • Track consumables by consumable serial numbers

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