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Reporting by PFM Cloud acess from anywhere.

PFM Cloud is a very innovative solution that enables you to move data to cloud your printer. PFM Cloud was developed in order to get instant access to your machine from anywhere on the field with the cloud technology.

Save Time
        Save Workforce         

Perfect Data Collection 

and Reporting

Auto Notifications that

Will Make Your Job Easier  

An Advanced System Showing

All Business Network


- Detailed Dashboard 

You can follow a summary of all your reports from one place, summary screen. Sometimes only the summary screen is detailed enough to give you the answer to everything you care about!


- Paper Details

Monitor printers, paper consumption, toner and other consumables like fusing, maintenance kits, colour and mono counters at customer site.


- Consumable Notifications

Monitor all your consumables and manage the timing of replacements in one page. This is how we help you to save money and time that you spend on managing consumables for Printers/MFP's.


- Device Status

See the working status of your devices, along with their dealers. Also keep track of data such as usage rates of devices, print counters, parts replacement dates, remaining toner information.


- Contracts and Usages

View the contracts made with your dealers and their details. Check which of your vendors has exceeded their usage limits or is approaching the limits.


- Dealers and Service Providers

The PFM Cloud has been developed to easily display your business network. You can add authorized units to your vendors and subgroups, and share management with one click.


- Device Management

Display device with all the details of your machine park. Use pre-created report to follow-up the devices .





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